Dr. Jay-Lee Nair | Psychologist, PhD Sport & Exercise Psychology

My focus is to provide psychological support to youth and adult individuals looking to raise their standard of performance and thrive under pressure with less stress and anxiety.

Skilled in the design and delivery of sport psychology support services to sport organisations in the form of group based mental skills training and individual consultations for athletes and coaches primarily in Swimming, Golf, and Gymnastics.

As a former USA NCAA Div-I, collegiate golf player with Academic All-American honours, I know what it takes to balance studies and sport at the elite level.

I also work extensively with psychological dilemmas in adults. I am experienced with adult ADHD, obsessive compulsive disorder, and perfectionism leading to anxiety and stress.

“In life and in sport we only have moments… pursue with passion, create with intensity and cherish always”

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Maximise your strengths to achieve your goals.
You must be in control of yourself before you can control your performance.
Mental skills training can enhance a student’s ability to focus, acquire time management skills, and perform when it counts with less stress and anxiety.
Learn how your pursuit of perfection can become your greatest asset instead of your biggest weakness.
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Dr Jay-Lee Nair PhD | Psychologist MAPS

Dr Jay-Lee Nair is a sport and exercise psychologist for Mental Notes Consulting based In Singapore.
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